The History and Lore of Saint Hubert

According to Webster’s dictionary, one of the definitions of the word “symbols,” goes as follows: “something that stands for or suggests something else by reason Saint Hubert of relationship, association, convention, or accidental resemblance.”

You see symbols everywhere. For example Saint Hubert, you Saint Hubert see objects such as pink or red hearts, a beach ball, or some jack-o-lanterns, and hopefully connect these symbols to Valentine’s Day, the summer season, or Halloween, respectively.

Let’s take the example of a Gold Crucifix. A self-explanatory piece of art, a gold crucifix is a beautiful decoration used to memorialize Christ.

Broken apart, the words ‘gold’ and ‘crucifix’ provide a broad spectrum of many symbols in their own right. Together, a gold crucifix is a treasure worn on a necklace, as earrings, a bracelet, as an anklet or as a brooch to complement a top. First off, let’s break apart the pair, “gold crucifix Saint Hubert,” and explain the symbols entailed in each word. Hopefully, you will discover that a gold crucifix isn’t just a beautiful ornament, but a jewel filled with rich meaning.

Gold-At the Olympics, the Gold is a first place finish, a medal valued higher than silver or bronze, those of which are reserved for a second or third place win, in that order. In history, the famous Gold Rush marked a period that drew masses of people to California to partake Saint Hubert of this natural treasure. Pure gold as jewelry is valued as something high-class and expensive, noted as a jewel seen frequent on the prestigious and wealthy.

Crucifix-The crucifix symbolizes Christianity, and more closely, the crucifix is a reflection upon the sacrifice that Christ paid for, as he suffered and died on the Saint Hubert cross. While there are some Christian religions that do not use the crucifix as an acceptable symbol of worship, the crucifix has, among a majority of religions, remained a universally recognized and familiar symbol used to remember Christ.

With these explanations, you would perceive a Gold Crucifix to be something extra special! With all the styles or materials available and used to design a crucifix, nothing seems more special or exquisite than to wear a gold crucifix. Make such a special jewel a Christmas or Easter gift, to reflect upon the religious meaning of the crucifix. With that in mind, wearing the jewel should not just be worn on an every day basis. Treat those special occasions by complementing your outfit with a gold crucifix, whether it is for a religious purpose, or just for a special affair.


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