How to repair a Leaking Air Conditioner

Central Heating and Air Conditioning is made up of two independent elements, the outside Condenser (with the lover) and an air handler in your ceiling or with your garage. Your air conditioner not merely cools your home, but also eliminates humidity from your air. This h2o condenses on metal coils inside your air handler and drips down into a drain pan. The AC condensate drain line lets drinking water move with the drain pan to somewhere outside near to the ground typically proper in close proximity to your outside device. As time passes this drain line receives clogged with algae and various muck. As soon as clogged the drain pan can overflow leaking drinking water onto your ceiling and potentially lead to A large number of bucks in destruction.

Your training course of action for a Homeowner? Unclog that drain line!!!


1. Drag a yard hose about on your drain Installation of air conditioners in Haifa line. Activate the drinking water and hold the hose tightly to the top from the drain. Keep the end with the hose on the opening of the drain as tightly as you could for approximately ten seconds. Then observe the h2o that drains out. Was it obvious, or was there chunks of pink/brown/green slime? If it absolutely was apparent, you have not popped the clog unfastened and wish to repeat. You will frequently be soaked from head to toe by the point you launch the clog working with this process. You can avert clogs by doing this as soon as per month as preventive upkeep.

two. Discover a Shop-Vac. Ensure that you plug it into a GFI outlet mainly because we will probably be addressing h2o not surprisingly. Someway obtain the hose in the vacuum to produce a good limited seal on the top on the drain line, if it’s actually not air limited, you won’t be sucking just about anything out.Activate the vacuum and… wait around. In case you hear any gurgling or drinking water moving, turn the vacuum off and glance within, did you have any gunk out? No? Repeat.

three. The Drain Pump. Carried out by an Air con technician with 23 years of knowledge which was fed up with These two other available choices. No garden hose, no extension cords, no electrical energy. It can be so simple as pumping up a motorcycle tire. It includes many of the fittings to make a pleasant tight seal on any sizing drain line, and is so easy to pump that a four-year-old can do it. Consider our video clips, we will show it.

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